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Odyssey small for word press

“Comes alive …constant sense of humour, clean, clear writing style” – Rich Benyo (Marathon and Beyond Editor)

“Always lucid and enjoyable” – Roger Robinson (Author of Running and Literature and co- author with Kathrine Switzer of ’26.2.  Marathon Stories’)

“Malcolm gave us a book that I ‘couldn’t put down’ until I had read every page!!” – Lenore Dolphin (Director of the North American 100 Marathon Club)

“The text is beautifully written” – Mick Rice, Athenry Athletic Club, Ireland

“I really enjoyed the book. Indeed, I wouldn’t have read it as quickly if I hadn’t found it totally absorbing… It was no hardship to review a book like this and it deserves to be a great success.” – Jack Brooks, Secretary, 100 Marathon Club, United Kingdom

“Malcolm Anderson has written one of the more compelling stories that engaged me enough to get to the books finish line. His sense of humor along the way made the read very enjoyable” (Amazon Book Review)

Comments from Marathon runners

“I am so enjoying your book! Love your sense of humor and writing style…like someone I’d like to visit with.” (South Dakota)

“I feel like I’ve known you for years! What a wonderful story you tell” (Washington State)

“…it was brilliant – I couldn’t put it down; that’s an exaggeration, but only slightly” (United Kingdom)

The Messengers Front Cover small for word press

“’The Messengers’ is a fine read with plenty of thought and philosophy to consider, highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

“Malcolm Anderson has truly put together a well-written ample (300 pages) book that will make a lasting contribution to distance running, from the non-elite side, and we urge everyone to get a copy.”– Book Review – NORTHWEST RUNNER, United States

“The Messengers comes with our highest recommendation… This wonderful book is inspiring in and of itself. It is a breathtaking accomplishment.” – i-Run magazine, Canada

“Meticulously written … contains stories about runners unheralded within the running book genre.” Marshall Ulrich, Author of Running on Empty and 4-time winner of Badwater ultra-marathon, Death Valley

“Malcolm’s style of writing flows very easily and he has a great sense of humor. He can weave tales from runners into the fabric of a narrative with ease.” – Blue Ridge Outdoors

Comments from Marathon runners

“The Messengers is the BEST running book I have ever read in my 16 years of running” (Unites States)

“I read it almost in all in one sitting, it’s a page turner for me. I thought that you put what we (repeat marathoners) into words beautifully …To sum it up, I love it, love it.” (United States)

“You are a talented writer, very inspiring and you have made the next 4 marathons within reach” (Australia)

“I consider this one the best books I have ever read. The writing is incredible” (Canada)

“If you can inspire someone (us) who, as you have so eloquently written, is “inspired” already, I would accept this as the ultimate compliment.” (United Kingdom)

“This is, by far, the best running book I have ever read.” (United States)

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