Malcolm Anderson has run close to fifty marathons and ultra-marathons, including the 90km Comrades Ultra-marathon in South Africa, the double marathon at the Connemara International in Ireland, the Tahoe Triple marathon in the United States, and the Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days Challenge in the Lake District in England. Malcolm gives talks on running and motivation, writes articles on marathon running, and has also written four books on marathon running including The Marathon Maniacs: The world’s most insane running club (2012); The Messengers (2011); and A Marathon Odyssey (2009). He was also the host and co-producer of a television show called ‘26.2 and Beyond: A Marathon Journey’, which followed the training of several runners as they prepared for marathons and ultras. Malcolm received his PhD at Queen’s University, Canada where he continued for eighteen years as a member of the faculty of health sciences, conducting health services research and program evaluation. More recently he was involved in the national consultation on Canada’s new physical activity guidelines. Although a New Zealander, he currently lives in South Eastern Ontario, Canada.runner-dude-freedigitalphotos-net.jpg

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