The Cayman Islands Marathon Experience


More and more people are running marathons than ever before. It’s possible for almost anyone. This book is a unique collection of the experiences of runners, volunteers and organizers of the Cayman Islands marathon. Runners describe in their own words the reasons why they run, their training, and what it was like on the day of the race. The collection is complemented with insights and facts and figures on marathons, their history and what they involve.

If you’ve never run a marathon (or half-marathon) but are curious to know what it’s all about, this book is for you. If you’re looking for a vacation and an excuse for travelling, this destination marathon could be the one for you. The pictures and stories will motivate and inspire.

“It’s a great read. I myself was surprisingly (for me) motivated by it and I started my running in the gym this week. I’m so proud of myself because I ran for 10 minutes non-stop this morning on the treadmill!! I know that’s nothing for an ultra-marathoner such as yourself but for me it’s a big accomplishment!”

“Thank you SO much for those lovely books! They are just incredible and you did a wonderful job of capturing the event. The stories and photos provide an exceptional perspective on the whole experience – you really captured it!”

“Read about half your book so far…….fantastic!!! Makes me want to take up running. Seriously.”

“Your book looks great! Started I really like the layout and the construction. Your writings are humorous but factual, current mixed with historic and I felt it read very easy. I actually feel I have learned things I only partially knew about marathon history.”

“I received the book this morning, Thank You so much. I read it all today. Really great job! It is very inspirational, makes me look forward to getting out again. I have finally got rid of my bronchitis, after 4 months, and my foot is feeling great. I particularly liked the runners comments on the race and their varied and very interesting backgrounds. You also did a great job of describing the history and the beginnings of the marathon race, as well as the history of the Cayman Islands. Lots of humour sprinkled within the text, I liked that.”

The Cayman Islands Marathon Experience
by Malcolm Anderson

5.5 x 8.5, trade paper, Summer 2007,
149 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9683158-3-5
ISBN-10: 0-9683158-3-6
Price: 19.00 CAD

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