The Messengers

‘A breathtaking accomplishment‘ i-Run magazine, Canada;   ‘A lasting contribution to distance running‘ NORTHWEST RUNNER, United States; ‘Highly Recommended’ Midwest Book Review The Messengers To most people, running a marathon seems a remarkable and remotely possible achievement, a major lifetime accomplishment. To run 100 or more marathons and ultra-marathons is even harder for people to comprehend,Continue reading “The Messengers”

A Marathon Odyssey

‘Comes alive …constant sense of humour, clean, clear writing style’ – Rich Benyo (Marathon and Beyond Editor) ‘Always lucid and enjoyable’ – Roger Robinson (Author of Running and Literature’ and ‘26.2. Marathon Stories’) ‘A book I couldn’t put down’ – Lenore Dolphin (Director of the North American 100 Marathon Club) ‘Malcolm has such a tremendousContinue reading “A Marathon Odyssey”

The Marathon Maniacs

The Marathon Maniacs ‘This is one of those rare books in these dire times: a collection of 77 runner stories filled with inspiration and…well…happiness. Proof positive that there is such a thing as a runner’s high’  (Rich Benyo, author of 20+ books and editor of Marathon and Beyond) ‘The capacity of human achievement is astonishing,Continue reading “The Marathon Maniacs”

The Cayman Islands Marathon Experience

More and more people are running marathons than ever before. It’s possible for almost anyone. This book is a unique collection of the experiences of runners, volunteers and organizers of the Cayman Islands marathon. Runners describe in their own words the reasons why they run, their training, and what it was like on the dayContinue reading “The Cayman Islands Marathon Experience”