A Marathon Odyssey

Odyssey Cover

‘Comes alive …constant sense of humour, clean, clear writing style’ – Rich Benyo (Marathon and Beyond Editor)

‘Always lucid and enjoyable’ – Roger Robinson (Author of Running and Literature’ and ‘26.2. Marathon Stories’)

‘A book I couldn’t put down’ – Lenore Dolphin (Director of the North American 100 Marathon Club)

‘Malcolm has such a tremendous wit.  Almost every paragraph includes a sly joke.  The book is really a lot of fun and it’s great to read the thoughts of an articulate person who is experiencing running and it’s challenges.’ (I-Run Magazine Book Review Blog)

This is the true story of 3 marathons and an odyssey. The Athens marathon is held in November each year. Home of the marathon, home of the legend. It is run on the original marathon course of the 1896 Olympics – from Marathon to Athens, finishing in the Panathinaikon Olympic Stadium in the centre of Athens. Two months later in early January, Walt Disney World hosts the Goofy Challenge – run the half marathon around Disney World on the Saturday and you get a Donald Duck medal. Do the Full marathon on the Sunday and you get a Mickey Mouse medal. Complete both, and you get a Goofy medal. To many people it doesn’t get much better than that.

Unless of course, you decide to head to the Caribbean and run a marathon there. So the author did just that, with the flat and beautiful Cayman Islands marathon at the beginning of December. The Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge epitomizes the transition of ‘the marathon’ from legend and Olympic heroes to worldwide societal mainstream. The book is a personal journey. It is a societal journey. It traces the transformation of marathon running while at the same time being part travel-log, and part training as it details the successes and the dismal failures of training for these three events.

A Marathon Odyssey
by Malcolm Anderson

4.8″ X 7.75″, trade paper, December 2008, 394 pages

ISBN 13: 978-0-9683158-2-8
ISBN 10:0-9683158-2-8
Price: $19.50 CAD

Also available through all Internet stores as an e-book —- $4.95

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