The Messengers

‘A breathtaking accomplishmenti-Run magazine, Canada;  

‘A lasting contribution to distance runningNORTHWEST RUNNER, United States;

‘Highly Recommended’ Midwest Book Review

The Messengers

To most people, running a marathon seems a remarkable and remotely possible achievement, a major lifetime accomplishment. To run 100 or more marathons and ultra-marathons is even harder for people to comprehend, especially when you consider that more people have climbed Mt. Everest than run 100 marathons.

This book starts with the basic question: Why do people choose to run 100 marathons or more? Answering this question unfolds a rich tapestry of responses and details that provide a window into the soul of the long distance runner. The author conducted interviews with over one hundred and twenty of these amazing individuals from around the world, including Canada, United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and several European countries.

We meet these remarkable runners and share in their stories. Stories about transformations in lifestyles, overcoming adversity, the setting and attainment of goals, and the social dimension of long distance running, which to many of these runners is described as ‘one big family’. We meet the men’s and women’s world record holders for the most marathons ever completed (and they are still running strong). We meet the clubs around the world that have been formed specifically for those who aspire to, and those who have completed 100 marathons or more. And we meet the people who make this network of clubs and runners possible. Simply, distance running is as much a social movement as it is a movement of the body. And this family – this distance running ‘tribe’ – even with the transformations, adversities and challenges faced, is full of very happy people.

The Messengers presents amazing stories of people from all walks of life. These are stories of courage, tenacity, resilience, humor, camaraderie and commitment. Learn about their experiences traveling, their training, the social connectedness of running marathons, and how these individuals make distance running an integral part of their lifestyle. They tell us about their favorite distance events, and give their advice to those just starting to run marathons. With well over 20,000 marathons run between them there is much to learn.

The stories are inspirational to runners and non-runners alike. They reaffirm the benefits of long distance running, and the belief that anything is possible if you set your sights on the goals that are important to you. If you have ever wanted an insight into the long distance marathon and ultra-marathon running world, or wanted to share these experiences with those who do not run long distances, this book is for you. .

The Messengers
by Malcolm Anderson, NOW AVAILABLE!

ISBN 978-0-9683158-4-2
Price: $17.80 CAD, $17.50 US

Available through bookstores around the world and also as an e-book.

More reviews

“This book is full of inspiring stories about how people change their lives for the better through running.”Jeff Galloway, US Olympian

“The Messengers’ features runners and their inspirational stories from all over the world. Meticulously written, The Messengers contains a collection of stories about runners that is unheralded within the running book genre. The Messengers is not only about running but reveals the heart and soul of each runner.”Marshall Ulrich, Best selling Author of ‘Running on Empty’ and 4-time Winner of the Badwater 135-mile race across Death Valley

“Throughout our lives, we are constantly inspired and motivated by what others have achieved. We witness ordinary people doing extraordinary things. When we hear about their accomplishments, a phenomenon occurs where we begin to believe that we, too, can achieve what one once thought was impossible. Malcolm Anderson’s book, The Messengers, is a collection of so many of these inspirational stories that will leave the reader believing they can accomplish anything they want to if they are willing to make the sacrifices involved and if they have the courage and guts to make the commitment.”Dave McGillivray, B.A.A. Boston Marathon Race Director

The pulse of life finds its rhythm in running. The joy of life is found in human relationship. Heaven is where running and personal relationships intersect. The MESSENGERS in this book have something to say about life and how they have chosen to live it. They are not talking about the number of miles they have run, but about the people they have met along their journey. Each MESSENGER seems to bear the same message…to live is to run, and to run is to live. It’s not about the miles…’s about the smiles. I’m honored to be one of the MESSENGERS in this book, and I feel privileged to be a member of this unique tribe.  Jerry Dunn…America’s Marathon Man

The Messengers – Comments by runners

“It’s awesome!!! Very inspiring.” (Canada)
“This is by far the best running book I have ever read!” (United States)
“The Messengers is the perfect title.” (United States)
“I consider this one of the best books I have ever read. The writing is incredible.” (Canada)
“A great read …very inspirational.” (New Zealand)
“It’s very entertaining!” (United States)
“A great read.” (United Kingdom)
“The Messengers is the BEST running book that I have ever read in my 16 years of running.” (United States)
“I love, love the book … It is really inspiring.” (United States)
“Fantastic. A great book!” (United States)
“I’ve barely been able to put it down.” (United Kingdom)
“I read it almost all in one sitting, it is a page turner for me. I thought that you put what we (repeat marathoners) do into words beautifully… To sum it up, I love, love it!” (United States)
“Awesome read.” (United States)
“I am reading it at the moment and I have not put it down. It has interesting & inspirational stories and when reading it you want to get out into the fresh air.” (United Kingdom)
“If you can inspire someone (us) who as you have so eloquently written is “inspired” already, I would accept this as the ultimate compliment.” (United Kingdom)
“You are a talented writer, very inspiring and you have made the next 4 Marathons within reach.” (Australia)
“So many interesting stories, and cleverly woven into each other.” (United Kingdom)
“A great book! Really lots of depth with the runners you covered”. (United States)


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